Flexible Jobs For Moms

There are many great jobs with flexible hours. From freelance jobs to other work from home jobs to mystery shopping, all of them allow you to work your own choice of hours and earn a living.

Some jobs require you to work between certain hours, however, as long as the work is done within specific parameters (such as between 9:00 am and noon) you can work whenever it’s convenient for you. This makes it easy to work when it’s convenient.

flexible schedule meaning

Other types of jobs that offer flexible hours are writing, data entry, bloggers, website designers and other such jobs. As long as the work is done and sent in on time it’s fine. This gives many people the time to pursue their dreams without having to be tethered to a desk 8 hours per day.

A lot of companies are beginning to hire virtual assistants to do part-time work. The virtual assistant may check in weekly and get a list of things that need to be done and then return those items the following week and pick up more work. This may be done online or via Skype or the virtual assistant may go into the facility weekly to pick up and drop off work.

flexible work policy sample

Teaching and tutoring may be able to be done on flexible hours. Many students need a bit of help cramming for tests such as finals or college entrance tests. Getting these things done can be done on flexible hours as long as the student and the tutor or teacher agree on the hours.

Music teachers or language teachers can also work flexible hours. Set up the schedule according to what is going on in any given week. Assign students a time frame when it’s convenient for students and teacher. Many students want to be more in control of when they take their lessons, a flexible teacher will work closely with the student to ensure that they’re getting their lessons at their convenience.

examples of flexible work plans

There are many great jobs out there that offer flexible jobs. Some fast food restaurants will offer flexible hours to parents who have children in school or students who are finishing up courses.

Live Work Lead advice that finding the right flexible job is a matter of preference. What works well for one person may not work at all for another person. It’s all dependent on what is going to work for the company and the employee involved.

Source: http://www.cheap-airport-parking-finder.co.uk/flexible-work-schedule-ideas

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